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  1. MC Ursula in Black

  2. Mono Speedy 30

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  1. Should I buy a MC Ursula or save over $1200+ and get a Mono Speedy 30?

    I know the Ursula has an unfair advantage becasue she's new and well.....multicolor! But- tell me what you think?
  2. I'd get the MC Uruala! It's SOO cute!
  3. I loooooooove the look of the MC Ursula. My vote goes towards her!
  4. Honestly - I don't think that the Ursula is worth 1200 $ more, so I'll vote for the Speedy.
  5. I vote for the Speedy too.. Unless if you wanna go for the Black MC Speedy!
  6. I vote for the speedy too:heart:
  7. love the ursula
  8. All those new MC bags are pretty ugly IMO. I'd get an MC Speedy, best out of both... otherwise Mono Speedy.
  9. im not keen on the new MC bags, if you want a mc, what about the mc speedy? xx
  10. i voted for speedy. MC just have too many problems in the long run-bleeding interior, color rub off, yellowing, etc. But mono is very faithful, can be an everyday bag that plays nice w/majority of anyone's closet.
  11. Speedy. I have had too much drama with my Multicolor pieces (discoloration mainly, and I don't think that they have completely fixed the problem since my Rift changed color too). The Speedy you will carry for years and years and it is not trendy looking. NO regrets with the speedy!!
  12. I don't think Black MC has that many problems. It's White, that interior color breedsa, and yellowing starts...right? I myself don't care for regular mono speedy at all (don't kill me!). Too many people and their dogs carry the mono speedy. Besides, I see you have a beautiful Azur Speedy already....if I have to choose, I'll choose MC Ursula in black.
  13. i prefer the look of the speedy.
  14. I would get a black MC speedy or a mono speedy 30
  15. mc ursula