what do you think!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ladies need your thoughts on this... a friend is thinking of getting either the Medillion tote or the EPI in speedy 25. She knows that there is a different in style...however, she could not decide on the brand. Some of her other friends told her LV make better quality leather then CC.
    I don't have the experience with both to tell her my opinions.
    Please share your thoughts. Need asap.
  2. Chanel for me over LV anyday:yes:
  3. Agreed!
  4. I'd get the Epi Speedy!
  5. Well it depends on her style. I personally prefer the medallion tote. The speedy is alittle more casual and she could wear it lets say sweat pants just as easily as she could with heels. The medallion imo is a little more "dressy" or elegant.
  6. chanel for me :yes:
  7. Chanel for me !!!:yes:
  8. LV is perfect for everyday because its so durable! I never have to worry about LV...But Chanel is so delicate...and most of my Chanel bags are light color! So I have to be extra careful when I took it out!!
  9. The Medallion isn't a delicate bag at all, it's caviar leather which is Chanel's most durable :yes:
  10. CHANEL :love:
  11. Both are wonderful handbags, and both makers should stand behind their goods as long as your friend purchases from a boutique. Ask her if she wants a handheld - Chanel or a shoulder bag - LV.

    Lucky Ducky!
  12. I've had an epi speedy and hated it.

    I've not owned a chanel bag but tons of shoes- I say go Chanel - even tho I'm usually a die hard LV fan. I just dont like the epi line- speedy specifically- very much even tho a red epi passy is on my "get list" this month. lol

    I love chanel, just havent made my mind up to get one yet.
  13. I would pick Chanel even though I like Lv as well, but 2 of my friends that own a LV Epi complained about the bag's shape not holding up. It's very roomy, and if you don't put enough in it, it droops inward so it becomes not-as-pretty. But the LV LEATHER itself is great. No complaints there.
  14. I love both, but I would go with the Chanel :yes: