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  1. ...is the most popular Bbag color this season? :graucho:
    I'm hearing a lot of talk about vert gazon, aqua, anthracite, etc.

    And, what color from this season do you think will become scarce and very sought after next year?
  2. Vert Gazon, Aqua. Violet, and Jaune are already on high demand, and it's not even out yet!! Natural with GH.

    Violet and Jaune will be sought out colors and probably aqua next year IMO. I cannot wait for the violet, and
    I have a feeling, it's going to be hard to find.
  3. i think anthracite will be a color people will seek in the future. it's just so unique and gorgeous - and already, it's becoming difficult to find in certain styles. next season, yellow and violet will definitely be sought after.
  4. i agree, i think this season's popular colors are aqua, vert gazon (im not green person but this color is so pretty IRL imo and so easy to match with any casual outfit) and anthra. next season heard people talking about jaune (yellow) and violet. also natural w/ GH is completely sold out everywhere ... it very in high demand..
  5. I for one know that I will be seeking violet and jaune in the fall!! Those are two of my favorite colors. Plus turquoise, which in real life this season aqua resembles.....oh boy, my wallet is in trouble!! :jammin:
  6. aqua and anthracite were very hyped before they came out and got scooped up once they hit the stores and other sellers. i think they will continue to be popular as they are both very unique and in a few years will be what eggplant, rouge theatre, pumpkin and other hard to find colors are now - collectors items! people do not want to part with their holy grails, that's for sure!;)
  7. I know people may jump on me for saying this but I have a hard time thinking any of the new colors will be collector pieces. I don't have a crystal ball so I know I could be wrong but I do know that these were made in much greater quantities than the older bags like eggplant and pumpkin. I think they were also made from different leather. Even now there are anthracite and VG bags on eBay. Last I saw there were three VG and two anthracites. I think bbags have more mass appeal now and the newer bbag lovers seem to go from color to color rather quickly (and because of forums like this, certain colors get hyped, people feel they need to buy them and then some also seem to move on rather quickly and sell them) so there is much greater turnover. The people who collect the old bags aren't buying many of the new so the old bags don't come available as often (or if they do, they fetch a higher price). I am not saying that the newer bags won't still get a good resale value but I don't think there is a high likelihood that they will ever be like eggplant or seafoam or a pebbled or a flat brass bag.
  8. I totally agree! Since they are mass producing bbags, the rarity of the bags won't be as much viewed as the "RARE collectors item"
  9. I think Juane & Violet will be very sought after just cause they aren't even out yet and ladies are going crazy trying to get on lists! Plus, isn't Balenciaga only releasing these colors in certain styles? So maybe will they not produce as many?

    From the current colors? Hmm I dunno, I don't think anthracite just cause I've read alot of negative reviews on it. However, it seems like people are having trouble tracking some French Blue?? But I really don't know... I almost don't think any of the colors will be really sought after in the future, esp. after the release of juane & violet.
  10. I agree about Jaune and Violet...although, I'm sure there's a color out there that once release people will go crazy over! (Perhaps PLOMB)?

    I think a lot of people are having trouble finding certain colors is because there's GH this season.

    I was told by Neiman Marcus that their buyer bought mostly GH this season. They didn't even buy any Weekenders in classic hardware just GH. So for those of us who love the classic hardware have a difficult time because the few places we normally find such bags won't even be carrying them (or perhaps get 2 or 3 of each style and color)!

    I looked at the Balenciaga section at my local NM and lots and lots of GH (not because they are not selling fast enough...but because they bought sooo much!)....the classic hardware section: 90% of them are colors from previous seasons (sapin, grenat, etc.) only because they've sold out so quickly of the classic hardwares in the Spring summer colors!

    So this fall, I hope buyers will keep Classic hardware lovers ,like myself, in mind!

    I'm sure Balenciaga will make every style in every color but the availability would depend on what store buys what selection.

    So you better make sure you become BFF with your local SA so they will set some of the new and highly anticipated colors/styles aside for you.
  11. I am new to all this still, but I think it will take a few years for current season bags to be sought after, as the numbers dwindle. BUT, I think that Bbags will still tend to stay much more desirable and resellable than other bags, simply b/c the colors change every season and are never repeated. It almost adds this desperation to the hunt and helps you justify your purchase, b/c you know that you may not be able to find it again in a few months time. But take an LV bag, and you know they'll still be around in a year's time.
  12. It's hard to decide which is the most popular color for this season....i realised every season sure has some colors that pple sought for......in fact, nowadays, they would buy more than one color for each style....perhaps shld say which style becomes more popular....larger bags or smaller bags.....if i were to choose, i definitely need a black (coz it's forever color) and any other colors that suit my dressing or wardrobe....:nuts: :nuts:
  13. ITA - a couple of years ago, a lot less people were "aware" of b-bags; now they're very popular, thanks to gossip mags, celebrities, this forum, eBay, etc. however, if Bal keeps changing colors, it doesn't matter how many are made because more people will want what they can't get their hands on. eventually, the hot colors sell out and you can't find them in the style you want anywhere. even something as basic as the black city - people go crazy trying to get their hands on one from only a year ago! once you get b-bag fever, there's no stopping it.