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  1. opinions on this Kate Spade???

  2. Mh... ok.
    I wouldn't buy it, but it's not ugly either ;)
  3. It looks interesting. Great if you wear a lot of solid colors, as it has both black and brown in the pattern.
  4. Wow! I would never have guessed it was a KSpade purse. It's cute!
  5. It's cute, if a little hard to wear.
  6. Kate Spade is the brand to watch right now. With Liz Claiborne buying the company, as they did Juicy, I think the sky's the limit. One year from now, everyone will be talking about Kate Spade...
  7. interesting.....

    I think the bag is cute!
  8. it's pretty!
  9. Kate Spade bought Juicy??????!!!!!! What??!!

    Sorry...on topic now...Honestly I think it's ok, I've seen better from them.
  10. I like it! It's fun!!!
  11. Very interesting information on this forum because I thought Kate Spade was no longer going to design handbags, but now I hear differently. :yes: In any event, I really like that bag, but I do think that it would be limited to a few outfits.
  12. Don't like it
  13. I don't particularly like it either. it looks like something from XOXO IMO
  14. Just ok, don't care for the shape.
  15. I don't care for it either-Sorry! But, I am shocked that Liz Claiborne bought both Kate Spade and Juicy Couture. They also bought Sigrid Olsen as well! Yikes-they are buying up the fashion world...:confused1: