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  1. I have the GST in black with gold and silver hardware. I love the style of the bag, it is my favorite, but do you girls think that it is silly to have both? I know they are somewhat different looks and in the past I have supported ppl that want the same bag with different hardware, but I haven't even used the silver hardware one yet and I have had it for a few weeks. Any opinions? I know ppl want the silver so should I return it to give other ladies who really want it a chance?
  2. I don't think it's silly to have both but it's better to have different color or different style than different hardware.
  3. wow lucky!:drool: its really up to you. honestly, if u can afford to keep both, why not!? but if u think you'd be using one more than the other or ur neglecting one bec u like the other one better, i suggest to just keep the one you love more... so others could give them the attention and love they deserve ;)
  4. If you can afford it, then I think you should keep it.

    If you can't afford it and haven't even used it since you purchased it, then I think you should return it. :yes:
  5. Well I can afford to keep it, I just wondered how "smart" it was to do so!
  6. Personally, I would choose to keep one of the two. You said you haven't even used the silver and have had it for a few weeks so I say return the silver- unless you know you will be devastated if you can never find it again then I say keep it- you can always sell one of them later if you wanted to.
  7. i would exchange the silver for the gorgeous black Expandable, which also has silver h/w...you'll be paying about $650 more though (its about $2350ish? without tax), but................its exquisite!!! and is the same classicness as the GST
  8. I would also get a different bag -- the expandable suggestion was a good one -- or even another style tote.
  9. If you really like the GST, I'd get a different color with the silver hardware.
  10. :yes: Agree! But I would return the silver if I don't use it at all. I love to have Chanel bags in different styles.
  11. I agree with the above about returning it if you have any reservations :smile: