what do you think?

  1. Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Barnard Crossbody, Saddle Detail

    i like it, i almost want to buy it. what do you think? i am still browsing this site for the first time so more links to come i'm sure!

    and SO many of their styles of bags come in SOOOO many colors! BRIGHT poppy red and BRIGHT yellow!

  2. Ok Visciuos Bliss...I think we must have similar tastes.
    I LOVE the sky blue Tano bag you posted and now I'm considering the first Hayden Hartnet you posted above instead of the Cole Haan Village Bucket Tote.....but I don't know! Isn't it hard making a decision?
    I wish we could buy them all!
  3. I like the red one :yes:
  4. I also like the red!
  5. *wants everything officially*

    i now currently have a hit list. i must get them, one by one.
  6. I'd actually chose the 1st then the 2nd then the 3rd.. in my order of preference :3

  7. i completely agree! lol