What do you thinK???

  1. I'm thinking of getting princy medium tote...but should I get the beige fabric with the white trim or the chocolate colored guccissima leather (saw it at the Gucci store)

    What do you think?

    Do you think the white trim will get really dirty?
  2. I'd say the choco guccisima. I'm a stickler when it comes to white bags and would be afraid that the trim would dirty easily.
  3. hmmm the beige bag doesnt have MUCH white on it right???...id pick that one, just because its really hot! haha...i think it will look BEAUTIFUL in spring, whereas i see the chocolate guccissima more of a fall bag (but uber classy!)

    It kind of really depends on ur style, i love the guccissima, but for me i like the fabric better because im not THAT into leather bags, too conservative for me!!!

    let us know what you picked!!!!!!! :smile:
  4. I like the white trim it makes it look "fresher"
  5. I like the white trim too! If that's the color combo you really want, I say go for it!
  6. So..if I get the one with the white trim...which wallet should I get? Sometimes I think the guccissima wallets are more worth it cause its only about 15 to 20 dollars more than the fabric ones....but then the wallet wouldn't match the handbag
  7. I would probably get the guccissima. My wallet does not macth my bag most of the time. I change bags almost daily but I only have one wallet. And just think if you get the guccissima wallet it gives you an excuse later on to "have to" get a matching purse
  8. I love the guccissima leather!! Especially with the wallet! I've had the fabric and it's nothing compared to the black guccissima wallet I've got now:smile:
  9. hmmmm if you just want to keep one wallet, id say go for the guccisma....but either would work fine...

    Im weird, i loveeee the guccisma, just not on me. I feel like im going to be carrying leather bags when im in the professional world that i should try to get away with as many "trendy" bags as possible

    hahaha im so weird! but come on now, no one wnats a lawyer with a canvas bag!