what do you think? yes? no?

  1. for $213. It's Francesco Biasia...never bought this designer before...

    i'd get it in black

  2. Its O.K.
  3. nah...sorry
  4. I think that's pretty cute. I think it might have a nice slouch when you use the shoulder strap. I'd have to see it IRL to be sure, though. Def. like it better in purple than brown, though.
  5. It's ok the black is little better but if it's suede then I say no..it's just me tho.
  6. Does it come in a different material? I'm also not a big suede fan.
  7. I think it's cute and, personally, I like the purple suede - the color is rich looking. I don't think I'd like it much in black. With so little detailing, I think the black will be too plain and boring. The purple, on the other hand, doesn't need much detailing because the color is the focus.
  8. I'm not a fan of the suede( just due to weather here) but like the style.
  9. Cute bag and I love suede. I vote yes! :smile:
  10. I like it alot. But like most of the others, not in black and not in Suede. I think it would be fine in a heavy Canvas type material. Love that purple.
  11. That's pretty.
  12. For $238 I'd say nay. Nothing special
  13. Love the suede, but the actual design of the bag doesn't blow me away.
  14. Have you seen it in real life or tried it on?
    From the pics, I'd probably say no though.
  15. The designer is actually very good, he is one of my favorite designers for bags under $400. The quality is outstanding, so you definitely get your moneys worth! As for the bag, sorry GingerB, nay...something about the whipstitching crosses on the handles bothers me.