What do you think will be the next hot MbMJ bag??

  1. I am so late to this game! Every bag that peaks my interest, ie, the Bowler, is long gone! So, what's your prediction of his next highly sought after bag???
  2. The Lady L. Looks like a cross between the heidi and the original bowler.
  3. Do you happen to have a link or a picture? Thanks!
  4. It's on MarcJacobs.com under Marc by Marc Jacobs :: bags:: Spring 08
  5. Ooo, you're right. It's styled like the Heidi, but has the shape of the bowler. I'll have to see it in person. I love my turnlock bowler, but I'm always on the lookout for similarly shaped bags in other colors besides black.
  6. At first, I thought it was the Heidi before but then realized it's a little different.
  7. i didnt really like any mbmj bags for spring... for fall i love dr. q (although for spring marc made it patchwork and i didnt like it at all).
  8. Thanks Frances Bean. The bag does look like great! Does anyone know when the Spring collection makes its debut?
  9. I would also like to check out the Quinn.
  10. the new quinn looks adoarble, as does the Lady L

    i absolutely love the new colours, the saddle and midnight sound gorgeous!

    can anyone post a picture of the new patchwork dr q? i cant seem to find it on the side, i only see the original one.
  11. I'm not the earliest adopter, but I just bought the North South bag in espresso patent. It's huge but I LOVE it!