What do you think will be the hottest COACH spring item?

  1. I know Legacy was/is pretty much the most popular, but what do you think will become sold-out or hard-to-find from the new spring line?

    personally, my money is on the hamptons limited edition patent coin purse . . . and I want one (in red).
  2. I just got the new spring catalog and the Ergo bags look really nice, I especially like the large hobo with the turnlock closure. I prefer all leather to signature....it seems everyone has the signature bags.
  3. I think alot of people will go for the ergos as well.
  4. Def. the Ergos and maybe the scribble with come limited in some pieces.
  5. I don't know about ergo to tell you the truth, like i've said before- we had it as a pilot in our store and we sold under 10 of the totes, I personally didn't sell any either. Everyone though they were weird, the small and medium hobos sold really well though b/c of the size and price point.

    I think like always- it's going to be scribble and we'll sell out quickly.
  6. ^^I agree with sprinkles, whatever screams coach will be the best seller, and that in this case is the scribble. For me the hottest is the gladiator sandals and the carly wristlet! as well as the new zoes.
  7. Hi sprinkes, I bought the scribble immediately , I loved the pink straps, but I did not see a thing about the Ergo I loved and I too saw the pilot in the stores. I did order the hip bag in pink and white bag in signature and the wristlet, for there were not many in distribution. Seems besides legacy, it is a weird spring line. Luckily I got the whiskey shoulder, one of a few from distribution last week Now I better be done. ya think? Lynn :love:
  8. I think the pink signature stuff will do well too... :yes:
  9. i also agree with that. thankfully for me (and for my wallet!), i am not a huge fan of signature and logo-y things (except for the scribble mini skinny, which i love). i really love the new zoes and gladiator sandals too.

    to the OP, i agree that the patent leather coin purses are gonna be coveted! i'm ordering mine in EMERALD tomorrow. :yahoo:
  10. I think the patent leather coin purses because they are limited will sell out fast. Maybe also the little perfume cosmetic bag with the kiss lock because it is so darn cute. There are a lot of cute little things. I think the legacy leather will continue to sell as well as the Carly's. I do not care for scribble line but I can see that selling fast.

    Sprinkles up and beyond the new catalog items...will we see more new designs for summer?
  11. mind my ignorance but what the heck is an ergo ?

  12. check it out here: Coach - Search Results
  13. i think the ergos!
  14. anything signature will always sell before the leather stuff...
  15. Definitely scribble, and probably the patchwork. I was in Macy's tonight and a lady was there trying to decide between the swingpack and a tote. Oh, and I agree on the patent coin purse.