What do you think, violet shoulder paddy

  1. http://diabro.net/product_info.php/cPath/192_524/products_id/11335
    What do you think of this color?? This is the violet paddy that I saw in Nordstroms the other day. THe violet is darker, not as bright as the Maya's purple....

    It does come in a tote version, since shoulder bag is too small. But for some reason, this bag's leather is rather stiff, not as smoochy as a regular. Not sure about the chain either.... Anyone have this version of paddys? What's the leather like?
  2. OMG, I am totally inlove with the colour! which tote version does it come in and is it on sale?
  3. Mona:

    This style:
    Nope, not on sale. Available in Nordstrom SCP soon, and it costs $1980.

    That color is really, really dark irl, not as bright as the Maya, nor as bright as the YSL purple.

    Personally, I preferred the brighter purple. It is good that it is not on sale now, will have several months to think about it....

    The Heloise in purple, on the other hand, I really love:
    And the Saskia too:

    But I've asked several US retailers around me and none of them carry the purple color....
  4. I like the colour of the capsule paddy and the heloise too...

    I wonder if NAP will carry any of them!

    Thank God They are new so I can save up for them....

    I couldn't go through with the downtown. Too many issues/unknowns!!
  5. I love the white "Mikimoto" w/ silver hardware.
  6. I like the color of the Heloise and the Saskia better. I haven't seen them IRL (Obviously?) but I like the lighter color.

    Have you heard anything new about the new stuff? Josh called me but didn't really have any news to report. He did send me pics but they were tiny and didn't include the Heloise, so I'm guessing he didn't order it.
  7. Imon - any way you could post the pics even if they are bad? I don't know what I am trying to find? I just need pics!! Each of the purple hues are interesting in their own way. But I am thinking red first....MONTHS from now when my CC debt has subsided....
  8. I am not a fan of coral!
  9. I have seen the coral irl at the boutique, and it is not as bright as shown in the computer. I am not a fan for red, but was quite impressed with the coral myself. Do you like the lucite handles of the saskia? I kinda like it...
  10. Divna-
    If you PM me an email addy I can forward it. It's easier than trying to upload the pics and post them. I'm computer challenged and DH usually does it for me. (rough day so I don't wanna ask him).
  11. wow, ADORE that color... :nuts:
  12. Beautiful color, I like the dusky look of this purple- not too bright, however, I'm cautious with color, I went through the rainbow with MJ and Jimmy Choo bags, so now I stick to mostly neutrals, but this is one I would consider.