What do you think to this? 2005 Magenta Twiggy

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  1. I've just purchased a brand new with tags 2005 Magenta Twiggy and I thought you might want to see my new bag. I guess I've been really lucky, since these must be quite rare. Sorry that my picture is not wonderful, but I'm still learning how to load pics on to this forum. Hope you like it.
  2. Lovely bag. Definitely an eye popping color!
  3. Gorgeous cleeeeeeean handles!
  4. Magenta is a wondeful color and the bag looks like it is in great shape - congrats!
  5. beautiful color! and i love the twiggy!
  6. Yay! I'm a new Twiggy convert, and this one is so beautiful!
  7. I just love it!!
  8. Many thanks all for your positive comments. Really appreciated.
  9. Very lovely :tup: Lucky girl :yahoo:
  10. wow lizziecat! it's soooo beautiful. congrats on the great find! :heart:
  11. :drool:ing over the bag. Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous color!
  13. I LOVE it, esp due its wonderful clean condition. Yowza! Sparkling and fresh!

    A gorgeous vibrant color too, congrats!
  14. I love it Congrats!
  15. This bag deserves to be enlarged...:heart::heart::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: