What do you think the perfect Black Chanel Bag is for every day?

  1. I am searching for my next victim. I found my white summer bag, now I need a basic black. Shockingly I don't own a black purse. I started out with Coach and moved to LV so none of my LV ever was black.

    My first Chanel ended up being brown, since I liked how it looked better. But you know how some styles look better in black then they do in other colors or vice versa?

    For some reason, I have not fallen in love with the classic flaps. I must be weird or something, but they just don't seem to do it for me. I like structure, but want to avoid another tote, as I already have a couple.

    Thoughts? I kinda like the Soft and Chain, the perforated, although not a flap person, are kinda growing on me? But I have yet to see any in person?

    What black bag do you own or suggest that really stands out?
  2. Initially, I would have said the Classic Flap bag. Since you're not too fond of those, I would suggest a tote. I'm partial to the GST. You could get the GST with silver hardware. It's TDF. There is definitely structure with this tote and it holds a good bit. I've been using mine everyday since I got it last week and love it. I'm wanting it in another color.
  3. I don't know why the classic flaps haven't grown on me yet. Are there other people out there who aren't drawn to them? I feel like such a Chanel Weirdo.

    I do love the GST....I just hate having another tote. But I definatley love the quilting and the versatility.
  4. the caviar tote with silver hardware in black is pretty, too! that's what i want for my first chanel. the classic flaps are beautiful and i'm sure i'd get one at some point but what's making me hesitate is that i'm pretty casual and i don't know if i'll get a lot of use out of it. anyway, good luck with whatever you choose.
  5. schmoo88 - I don't particularly love the classic flaps either. I am so glad you were brave enough to admit it because I always "stayed in the closet" since I just thought I was the oddball! They are beautiful but don't turn me on ;)

    I love the new diagonal line! I think that would be a great basic black bag that's not a tote, has the amazingly soft lambskin, as well as the classic Chanel chain.
  6. I have to say that I always hated the classic flaps !!! I really thought they were "old lady looking":shame: but when I first saw someone with the Black Jumbo Caviar with silver hardware, something just "clicked". I can't even explain it, and I had to have that bag !!!!!!!! I adore:heart: it and I think it would be a perfect everyday bag.

    BUT if you reallly don't like the flaps, I'm sure you WILL find something that you like !:yes:

  7. Ooh thats what I think now. I feel so bad admitting it. I do think they are beautiful just not my style. But then I see pics of Rachel Blison and she looks adorable. Granted she looks pretty much great in everything.

    Maybe I'll learn to love them. But for now, I do want something that is quilted. Something that does say classic Chanel too. :yes:
  8. OH! Coming out of the closet too! Not a fan of the flaps! Gahd, thought it was JUST me. Agreed, they look fab on other peeps - but I don't think they're for me.

    And I find myself in the same boat. I have lots of bags, but nothing in basic black. I want my black to be a Chanel - and I'm thinking of a bowler, just not sure if I really LURVE it?? KWIM? I want something I can use day or night. Tall order. Curious to see the responses here.
  9. The Coco Cabas is great for every day and the GST is a great option.
  10. I have a classic flap and a GST and I def carry the GST at least 3 - 4 times a week. I use my classic flap if Im going out at night usually.

    Good luck finding your bag!
  11. I had the same idea in mind and decided that the cloudy bundle was absoultely perfect for me. It is great for every day use and it is chanel without screaming that is is chanel. Perfect size, perfect fit. Also I think the coco cabas would be a good fit, not vinyl the resort or regular caviar ones. Hope this helps!
  12. The baby cabas would be a good everyday bag too....its not too big.
  13. i would say classic flap as a first choice...of not def the GST or cabas! good luck!
  14. This:love: would be my vote (LambLovesChanel's beautiful bag from the Reference Library).
  15. there is a bag i'm obsessed with but i don't know the name of it. it's sqaure-ish, comes in black, brown and a burgandy color, quilted front and back with cc's embossed on both sides. the strap is leather and has a silver do-hickey so you can make it longer or shorter... great shoulder bag and a fabulous classic look. i wish i knew the name or could find a pic for you...