What do you think the new "IT" bags will be in 08?

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  1. What does everyone think the new "it" bags and designers will be in 2008? I think the Cartier bags especially the Marcella have been picking up steam. Also I think mulberry is a brand to watch out for, I've noticed the resell prices of them on ebay have been inching up pretty quickly, I think their Bayswater Bags are really great. Also has anyone seen the new Green Crocodile Gucci Pelham? It cost $22K! But the color is out of this world. I think a lot of the newer less gawdy Gucci bags are really nice, they seem to be putting out a lot more leather styles and less of the monogramed canvas. Also I like the YSL uptown bag, I think its really sleek and classy looking it has a timeless look to it.
  2. Oooh, great question....I think a lot of what makes an "it" bag is the celebrity factor. I'm sure someone will be photographed with the $22k Gucci you mentioned...
  3. I have no idea what the next 'It' bags will be, but have found that usually these bags are not for me anyway. Too often they are handbags, while I exclusively carry shoulder bags, and even if the 'It' bag turns out to be a shoulder bag it'll be one with a very short strap. But appearance is another thing that usually doesn't appeal to me in 'It' bags - I rarely find them attractive. I agree with Balihai88 that a big determining factor is which celebrity the designer's pay to conspicuously wear and be photgraphed with their bags.
  4. very true, there seems to be a lot of celebs toting Balenciaga again, there for a while it seemed not a lot of celebs were carrying but now its back in vogue amongst hollywood so I bet there will be a price increase to match
  5. I dunno.. call me crazy, but I tend to agree with some of those articles saying that the whole "it" bag craze is dying down.

    Buy what you like! Make it your own "it" bag. ;)
  6. Rather funny article regarding the "it" bag.


    Here's what ET has to say

    Poppie Handbags: Make way for the new It bag of young Hollywood. JORDIN SPARKS loves the silver clutch, and MANDY MOORE just ordered the indigo one. "The Insider"'s LARA SPENCER always has a Poppie bag on the red carpet! I am putting the red patent leather on my holiday list.


  7. God, you sound exactly like me! :nuts: :yes:

    The only difference is that I carry clutches, as well as long-strapped shoulderbags. :yes:

  8. :yes:

    'Individual' and 'Investment' are the new 'It', IMO. :smile:
  9. Great article! I think the "it" bag phenomenon is on its way out....I also think the proliferation of counterfeits is part of the reason. I just don't want to carry a bag that everyone else has.
  10. Not really into "it" bags as they date easily. Meaning, they're GREAT for one season and the next season its "so last season." :lol:

    On the flip side of that, if there was an "it" bag that I fell in love with then I would get it and carry it regardless of its "last season-ness." There just haven't been any that I've truely loved enough to buy. I'm a classics girl.
  11. whatever the next socialite is wearing, i guess! lol
  12. Interesting question.........the fakers are probably wondering too!!

  13. I've never been one to go for the 'it' bag, although it's always fun to see what earns the title from different magazines.

    I love bags that aren't commonly seen, often undervalued or under-media-exposed designers whose price tags don't require a mortgage payment or forking over a kidney to pay for said bag.

    For example, I love my Coach leather bags but am enamored with my new Belen Echandia Love Me in dark grey--I get so many compliments, though people don't know the designer. It's like my own well kept secret!

    I love quality handbags and am willing to pay a good price for them, but am incredibly insulted by handbag designers who keep raising prices on loyal customers just to see how high they can go--there's no extra value for our hard earned money in that equation.

    Ooh--sorry for my mini-rant... :okay:

    I would guess that the next handbag will gain acclaim by being photographed by a well known celebrity, who was likely given the bag for free!:P Isn't it funny that the people who have the most money often don't pay for the bags so that the rest of us regular working folk WILL pay for them? :nuts:

    I do admit to enjoying reading magazines to see what is up and coming; few things are as much fun as finding your own 'it' bag, whatever it may be!
  14. It does effect me in a way. I passed a lovely prada in the sales last week, not because I didn't like it but because of it's 'so last season' feel. I usually just buy whatever I like, 'it' or not. I've been carrying my spy for over a year non stop and I still use my f/w 2005 Prada logo flap bag and my novak's. It's too expensive to keep up with the latest thing-the designers are pushing the prices up just because they know we're all buying no matter what the cost. When I first got into this game with the Paddington I thought 1000 euros was a whopping amount of money for a bag, and I bought my first prada in the sale for 425 euros, also quite a substantial amount. But now I'm easily spending 1500 on a bag and it doesn't bother me. My parents, who were quite shocked at first, are getting used to it too-when I bought the spy for 1400 they were like 'oh, now that's nice, and quite reasonably priced as well'. It's insane!
    I'm trying to get into non-it models (like the Mulberry Bayswater, which I'll get somewhere in march when my finances are a bit better - I'm a student!) or less exposed brands like Bottega, Ferragamo or Marni. It's a stupid game those designers are playing!