What do you think the new IT bag will be for Summer 08'

  1. Hello to all my wonderful fashionistas out there. I am so very curious on what your take is regarding the new IT bag for summer 08'. There once was a season where everyone was seen walking down the streets with the lastest Marc Jacob handbag, shortly thereafter the yves saint laurent Muse came along... What's next, What are your thoughts. :yes:
  2. I'd like to know too..
  3. It probably depends on what area you live in. I tend to think more in terms of it colors versus it bags.
  4. looking for articles about IT BAGS....whatever IT is i want IT!!!!
  5. Something without logos all over it. That seems to be a trend...
  6. YUP...."IT bags" are no longer IT anymore.
    Carrying something without a logo and something that is unique and not found everywhere on everyone is now the "IT" bag.
    You have been released from "bag-bondage" and can now pronounce any bag that you carry as "IT".
    Thank goodness.
  7. Don't know about all of you, but I have my eye on the Tano Sexbomb in Pool.
  8. Definitely something from a fresh new designer... mabye Michelle Vale, L.A.M.B., or Katherine Qwei. I am definitely branching out in 08 (but will no doubt buy at least one Chloe and two Pradas!!!)
  9. I personally couldn't care less what the Summer 08 "IT" bag might be... IT bags are soooo over! Having your own good taste is IT. Knowing what you like is IT. I think though, we will see the rise of some unknown designer to IT bag status.

    In other words: Indie Chic is IT!!!
  10. I think it bags are dead. But I had powers to appoint the new queen of bags, it would be YSL muse 2, from those ads with Kate Moss. defo.
  11. whatever you are carrying is an "it bag" for you!
  12. Do a lot of people actually pay attention to the it bag? Wouldn't more people be inclined to make fakes of an 'it' bag? I like being one of a few or in my mind a few that are carrying my bag. I love the looks people give me when they are admiring my bag especially if they haven't seen it before!!
  13. Anything metallic or with exotic skin or BOTH!
  14. i think anything big and slouchy...i personally looooooove those types of bags
  15. I dont know about an IT bag but has anyone seen the new Coach medium Lilly bag....wow!! It is gorgeous. The bag is a smaller version of the Lilly Coach had over holiday.....slightly smaller, only $800....simply gorgeous...:yahoo:
    CHECK IT OUT!!!!