What do you think; Plated bags mania?


Do you like the plates?

  1. LoVe plates, they always enhance the bags.

  2. Hate them, totally ineccessary.

  3. Depends on the bag.

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  1. A lot of the recent Louis Vuitton models have plaques, a bag made entirely of gloden plaques even appeared on the most recent runway show. The new hampstead, Beverly, Cloud bags and riveting all have this feature in common, whether the plaque is golden or ecru.

    What do you think of bags with plates like that?

    I think sometimes it appears a bit inneccessary and crowded, especially when the bag itself is monogrammed or otherwise heavily patterened. I think the plates works best on antigua. Honestly I think it looks a bit too much on the hampstead, but it fits better on the beverly. In general I don't really like these plates.
  2. i don't mind these plates, i want to see them on Epi, Suhali, Utah and Taiga too. i actually prefer it on Damier than Mono and it looks good on the Hampsteads. but i also agree that it suits plainer bags better.
  3. I like them on the riveting bags and antigua. It really depends on the bag and your personal taste I guess!
  4. I think they're kinda cute...

    Like DD said, I would LOVE to see this on Suhali... :drool:
  5. I like these plates, but it doesn't suit every bag. E.g. it would look hideous on a papillon IMO.

    I think it would look really gorgeous on a speedy...:yes:
  6. For some reason I think it would cheapen the suhali line. :shrugs: The main reason I find these plaques a bit over the top sometimes is that Louis Vuitton have such recogniseable patterns to begin with adding a plaque seems a strange. It's not like someone actually have to read the tag to know which label it is in most cases, except maybe the antigua. When it comes to epi, suhali etc, these lines are subtle and by adding plaques to everything ithey might loose old fans..?
  7. I think it depends on the bags :shrugs:
  8. I LOVE them!
  9. I voted for "Depends on the bag". I love it on the damier & antigua.
  10. I like the plates on the Damier and Monogram bags, but for some reason I did not like the plates they had on the Cloud bags. Reminds me of those titles they put on cheap framed art that tell you its a bad rendition of a Monet.
  11. I quite like them...I don't like the scratches :sad:
  12. Label, I agree about the scratches as I hate when my bags aren't pristine! But I do love those silly little plaques, esp. on the olympe line.
  13. It depends on the bag. I think the plates are better on a bag with less detail; otherwise it gets too busy.
  14. I love the plates, but I voted for it depends on the bag. If there are a lot of other details, then it might not look good. Otherwise I love the look. I love the little plate that is on the Sophie bag.
  15. it definitely depends on the bag for me personally. the damier and the antigua are ok i think and i would love to see it on a suhali. however it all depends on the design of the bag. the scratches are definitely a turn off though. i personally really like the faceplates on the lambskin riveting but not on the mono.