What do you think Paypal will do?

  1. I sold a bag & posted to the USA on 16th January, whatever the delay in the postal services, tracking is showing bag as only arriving in USA today despite me having been given the flight number that the bag left for USA on the 17th January.
    I have never had a parcel delayed this long before.

    We have been in constant communication & I have been calling postal customer services every day.

    Today when there is finally news that the bag will be delivered, buyer emails me to say she is going to refuse the parcel & without even negotiating with me files a Paypal claim & notifies her credit card company - American Express!

    Personally I think she has just had a change of mind as she did email me to ask if I could get her another quite different handbag!
    Buyer did not say that there was a deadline by which she needed the bag, now she is saying she is leaving for holiday today so it is too late. I don't think this is true as she made no mention as to who would be there to refuse the parcel.

    Her address was confirmed, anyone know how I stand on this one? First time anything like this has happened to me! TIA!
  2. What has the filed the claim as? Non-receipt or not as described?
  3. Non receipt
  4. It's difficult to anticipate how PayPal will find, but I am going to err to the side of incompetence here.
    1. In the event she is home to refuse it, it will never show delivered to meet their standards for coverage. You will get screwed by PP.
    2. If you are lucky and she has to return it to the post office, it will have shown delivered/refused. You have a fighting chance with PP for non-receipt claim.
  5. Have Paypal asked for tracking info yet?
  6. Why on earth is she just refusing the package???? Save that email that she sent you where she stated that she was going to refuse the package, then paypal might and should use that as evidence... im getting so sick of eBay.. ugh..

    Good luck Roz
  7. Oh I know, I am so sick of it, just costing money & aggravation now!. She is going to refuse the package because she has decided she doesn't want the bag!

    Isent them the tracking info in my first reply. It is only at dispute stage so I just post reply for buyer!

    problem is if she accepts it & then returns to me as a parcel I will be charged duties on it coming back to country, I don't think I can win any way!
    Surely if she refuses the parcel tracking will show an attempted delivery & a refusal?

    If she refuses it it will be sent back to me by snail mail - maybe 6 weeks I am out the money & the bag UGH!! I had money in my Paypal account to pay for a purchase that i just made now they have frozen my funds UGH!!!
  8. Calling paypal always helps, because speaking to a rep helps because they understand your side and write notes in your case... if it gets nasty, try that
  9. I dont' think she can just refuse the package. She bought the bag, and it sounds like Buyer's remorse. Keep her emails, send them to paypal. I would let her know that you will not take the bag back under any circumstances. Make sure she knows a neg will be coming soon. I would stand firm on my ground. Try to not let this person back out. Ask her why she didn't inform you of the rush earlier? I hope you win this.
  10. Are you sure you would be charged for a bag that originated from your address? I've never heard of that. That seems off. It also seems strange that a lot of UK sellers get more than their share of dreadful buyers. I am so sorry you have to go through this garbage!
  11. We did it off eBay which is worse again, I gave her a better price with no ebay fees so she will probably report me for that if it gets nasty & have my account closed! :sad: I swear I will never leave myself open for that again it will be my price or none from now on!

    If she accepts the parcel & sends it as a new parcel to me & doesn't do a return to sender in other words refuses the parcel then yes I would be charged hefty duties on a Chanel bag! :yes: :sad:

    Yes i will try calling tomorrow, thanks
  12. Uh-oh, that is not good. I am sorry. Thankfully I haven't done business off of eBay. So you are SOL? I really hope it works in your favour, but it seems that it may not. How frustrating. I would call her.
  13. Sorry I don't understand what does SOL mean?
  14. when all else fails, just remember.. I love ya Rozzie poo :heart:
  15. That's so nice, Kiss , thanks so much:flowers: