what do you think of...

  1. this necklace? anyone has this pls. let me know how'd u like it? TIA :p
  2. is that a locket?
  3. I think it's very cute!
  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. cute necklace!
  6. I like that necklace! The extra bit of chain adds nice detail - it reminds me of a vintage watch fob chain.
  7. I think its very cute. At first it looks very simple, but then once you take a good look there is so much great detail in it. Overall its very nice!
  8. Theres too many things hanging of it, it looks a bit messy to me.
  9. It sort of reminds me of baby phat style jewelry.
  10. i wouldn't buy it, its kinda tacky.
  11. I think it's very cute, especially the safety pin.