What do you think of...

  1. Hey girls
    i don't have any chanel bags at the moment but for as long as i can remember i've wanted a Chanel Jumbo
    What do guys think of this one...

    I will have to buy one off eBay because my closest chanel retailer is a few days drive away. I messaged the lady about the bag and she accepted a buy it now price of $900. Reasonable?
    Also, do you think it looks authentic..
    i think it does but then again i don't own any chanel handbags :push:
  2. really?
    thats interesting because the lady said she was going to send me one that was an identical bag, but in similar condition...
    Maybe she sends out fakes and puts the same photos on her listings?
  3. ^That's really really questionable IMO. Aren't sellers supposed to put pictures of THE bag that they're selling you, the EXACT bag. The bag she sends you should be the one listed in the pictures. It should also have the same serial number as the one in the pictures.

    I'm worried she will pull a bait & switch on you and send you a horrible bag.
  4. Well actually i should've made myself a bit more clear...
    I offered her 900 for that bag she listed last week ^ when she replied the listing had ended ( but it was still supposed to have a couple days left). She said she was getting another identical bag in Monday (today) in similar condition, and she would send me pictures. But she never got back to me, well not as yet.
    I'm can't wait to see what pictures she will send me though, i wonder if they will be the same ones as on that listing lol...
  5. I don't know about authenticity, but you can always just call a boutique by phone and they'll do a charge send. I live three hours away from the nearest Chanel boutique, and that's what I always do. Also, I've ordered from some of the department stores all over the U.S.