What do you think of your MJ Blake?

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing my first MJ bag and saw a Blake I really liked in teal in an online store but the return policy isn't very good. I'm trying to decide between the Blake and a Denim Botkier Bianca bag. They are both about the same price.

    Since I can see the Bianca bag in a store and can't find the MJ bag, I thought I'd ask for opinions on the Blake.

    How does it wear? How soft it the leather? Does it hold it's shape well? Is the size good? What are the good/bad points about this bag?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions. Hopefully it will help make this debate easier.
  2. I LOVE my Blake. I just got it a couple of months ago in Emerald from Macy's and I absolutely love it!:yes: The bag fits great over my shoulder, even with a coat one, it's not that heavy, the leather is FANTASTIC and it is very practical. I would 100% buy a Blake! I use it all the time now, and my poor Stella has been put aside for the time being, and it is perfect!
  3. I love Botkier, but I agree, I'd go with the Blake, it seems to be a much classier style IMO.

  4. I totally agree...I have a tomatoe red one and will flaunt it proudly on Valentines day!!! Just can't wait...There is nothing I don't like about this bag...I'm VERY partial here...BUY THE BLAKE!!! (just if you see one on eBay make sure you post it on the 'authenticate this thread' to make sure it's real....don't bid until you find out for sure....Many many fakes out there...and they're getting better and better!! :heart: Emmy
  5. I like how you said "tomatoe" Emmy ;) Such attention to detail!
  6. ^Thanx!! You're a peach!! :heart: Emmy
  7. Yeah what online store is it? There are many sites out there that sell replicas and pass them off as fakes. Have the girls here authenticate it for you so you avoid the headache and hassle of returing a fake. Especially if they have a difficult return policy... makes me suspicious :wondering
  8. I was looking at one on Ann's Fabulous Finds... I have seen several posts saying she only sells authentic.
  9. I just received my new Cocoa Blake and quilted Ivory zip clutch today from MJ NY boutique! I am so pleased with them!! The previous comments are correct...it is roomy, beautiful leather, and the finish is gorgeous on both!! The SA also called today to see if I liked them!! Such service!! It is a bag that you can take anywhere and will last forever!!
  10. As a little aside, why not buy from the boutique? There was no sales tax for me and next day shipping. You don't have to worry about where it is real or how many times it has been around the track! Returns? No problem!! It might be more money but there is no doubt your head will rest easier at night. When in doubt, don't!!
  11. Most of the things she sells look like they come from Neiman Marcus Last Call, Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue, or Nordstrom Rack. Why not just get one from those stores direct? They have a better selection, you'll pay less and get a better return policy.
  12. I love the Blake so much I actually own two. It's a fabulous bag. The quality is outstanding for the money. It has several compartments, which is very convenient. It can be used as a satchel or carried on the shoulder. It is a perfect everyday bag.
  13. I love my washed rose Blake, it's a classic bag!

  14. ^^^ Oh girlfriend I LOVE it too!!!! -Where did you get that again!?!? TDF!!!!
    :heart: Emmy