What do you think of White Bags?

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  1. I never really liked white bags but now I've noticed a couple that I am starting to really like. Let me know what you think about them. The first one is the Marc Jabobs Perf. Leather Brigitte bag and the other is the Botkier Stirrup bag. Both are, of course, white but the Botkier comes in Metallic pearl which is really nice too. They are both on Eluxury if you want to check them out. Just let me know what you think or if you've seen any other nice white bags. Elux has a pretty big selection of them. Thanks for the help!!


  2. Here is a pic of the metallic pearl Botkier - what do you think. It's not so white and still a cool metallic color for spring and summer which also seems hot right now.

  3. I do like white bags, I had only one or was it two in my whole life. Both didn't last long before they get dirty and old that no matter what I do, can't seem to revive it. I took care of them, I've got balm, I've got cleaner, you name it. They are just too hard to maintain.
  4. I like white bags that are a creamier white, rather than a stark white. I love the "antique white" on the Marc Jacobs Stella and Sophia bags.
  5. I like white bags, I think they're very classy. It's one of the top colors on my list that I'd love to have. I'd love a white Chanel :love:
  6. I love Chanel but the white one I want is lambskin and I would be so afraid it would get ruined so quickly. I have a black lambskin Chanel bag and it gets so many scratches on it very quickly. What do you guys think about the metallic Botkier?
  7. I love white bags but I learned that they don't work for me. I get things dirty easy b/c I'm so "loose" with where I set my bags down at.
  8. I love the pearl Botiker. I'm not really a fan of this line of Marc Jacobs bags, I think they look kind of silly and contrived. For white bags, I prefer clean lines, kind of like the Suhali in white, clean colour should equal very clean cut bag. I agree with allison though, I'd be really concerned about the condition of the bag and getting it dirty.
  9. I like white bags, but don't think I would actually own one. Well, not true....a few years ago, I was pining for a MJ Stella bag. The color that I really wanted was called Wine (a deep red), but I waited way too long to buy it, and it was sold out. I decided that I really wanted a Stella anyway, and went to NM. They had this whitish Stella that I thought was super cute, and purchased it. Well, when I got home, I noticed blue streaks on the bottom of the bag! I didn't even think of inspecting it at the time. I returned it, but luckily, I was able to track the Wine down.

    I think if you really want a white bag, go for it...but be careful.

    Oh, I like the Pearl Botkier. I'm in agreeance with other people that something that isn't stark white is cuter, more versatile.
  10. I really like the Marc Jacobs bag and from the Botkiers the pearl is more to my taste. I have been eyeing this white beauty myself :love:
  11. I'm so confused because I don't know if I should do stark white or a metallic color. I think the metallic would show less signs of dirt and wear.
  12. I love white bags as well, but I can be tough on my bags, as can my toddler! So I just wouldn't spend much on one.
  13. that's one's nice too - but is that fabric? might be real hard to keep clean.
  14. Yeah, it's canvas. I wouldn't probably dare to use it... Well I admire it from a distance :smile:
  15. I love white bags. I can't seem to get enough of them.