What do you think of wearing a brown bag with black outfit?

  1. I know that it is no longer a fashion "don't" to wear a brown leather bag if you are wearing black--but what do you all think? When I see it in pictures it can look great--almost like a black bag would be too much black and the rich brown leather mellows the outfit, but when I go to do it I always feel like it looks wrong.:girlsigh:
  2. haha, thats how i feel lisa... whenever i wear a black outfit, i usually have to have a coordinating bag... but it can't be brown, and vice versa... it can be a colored bag, but it has to look right... i think it depends on the outfit... thats IMO though... :smile:
  3. It's funny b/c I change my own rules all the time! For my chocolate sig bag, I feel like I need to have something on that coordinates with brown. For my whiskey bag, anything goes!
  4. So it isn't just me then? :smile: I like to wear a good amount of black (like a black shirt with jeans) and black shoes---and then if I pull out a brown leather bag I just have to really think before I can go there! I have a really pretty Cole Haan Village Hobo that is a rich brown color, and I don't ever feel like it looks right with what I have going on fashion wise. I also really admire all of the pictures people post of their handbags in whisky or tobacco--but then if I think of getting one in that brown family I wonder if I will ever wear it. I always feel fine in my black or white bags, but not the brown leathers.
  5. I think it depends on the outfit and what color brown. :yes:

    With more casual outfits, jeans, etc. I think it looks fine. The more dressy or business-y the outfit, the more I feel like the brown and black "clash". It also depends on what color brown - I am finding that my whiskey bag is actually a very versatile shade and goes fine with black most of the time. Generally I think lighter browns and khakis look ok with black as well.
  6. It seems like I'm OK with carry a LIGHTER BROWN color purse with a Black outfit but I don't seem to like a Darker Brown with a Black outfit - I think it may be too much dark on dark but that's just me....
  7. LOL... haha lisa its not just you thats for sure! i think some women out there like to coordinate their outfits w/their bags, just like some like to match all their wallets to their bags... kind of on the same lines... i don't think nothing is wrong with it at all... you have to feel comfortable wearing your bag!! :yes:

  8. I'm totally with you! I don't like it, and I can't make myself do it. The only way I like it is in an animal print, and usually if there is black in the animal print, I still coordinate according to the black rather than brown. My friend drives me nuts because he always wears a brown leather belt and shoes with black shirts/tees all the time.

    Actually I wish I could do it, because I really don't like black leather that much, but I like black clothing.
  9. I agree with this. I cannot put a chocolate brown with black, but a whiskey or rust bag coordinates very well with black.
  10. I also agree that a lighter brown would work better but honestly, just about anything goes these days! Nobody really does the matchy matchy thing anymore. :smile:
  11. I cannot wear brown bag w/black outfit or black bag w/brown outfit NEVER it feels so wrong to me!!
  12. I love brown & black together, but I know a lot of people don't. They're both neutrals, so it would be fine!
  13. I think it would be fine, I just don't usually do it
  14. i'm exactly like this..i just can't seem to ever get out of the house with a lot of black with brown and vice versa. when i see other people with it i don't think it looks bad at all, it's just not for me! it's also like everyone else is saying in it sort of depends on the shade of brown.
  15. The brown and black would have to be very contrasted for me. I wouldn't put a dark chocolate color with black, but would do a lighter brown. I tend to keep my blacks and browns separate. I also don't ever carry a brown bag with black shoes or vice versa - not that it's wrong, it's just my personal preference.