What do you think of vintage jewelry?

  1. While new jewelry is lovely, I find myself craving various vintage pieces. Case in point: I just HAD to buy a vintage red stick coral necklace off of eBay yesterday and am already coming up with outfits of wear it with and practically waiting at my mailbox for it, whereas, I go to Tiffany's and don't feel anything. Anyone else feel this way?

    On a related note, what is your favorite vintage jewelry piece that you own or wish you did?
  2. i love vintage style jewelry, i would love to see the necklace you just obught... i love coral but dont own a piece yet because i just cant imagine myself wearing it.

    all my rings are quite vintage looking and i adore old pearl jewelry.

    I dont have any photos unfortunately though... but again, would love to see your necklace!

  3. I'll post a picture on here when I get it--I'm so excited about it! It is branch coral and some of the pieces look several inches long!
  4. I'd love to see a picture when you get it. I love coral. Always have!
  5. i know what you mean............i am a vintage jewelry collector since about 1994 and buy my babies at antique fairs, eBay, antique shops, etc. The simple reason why I love it more than modern 14 or 18K, even diamonds, is because vintage tells a story, it has been owned and loved by women going back to maybe the Victorian ages (i have a bracelet that is dated Dec. 1890) it touches my soul and appeals to the adventurous feminine dreamy side, no one will have the piece i buy, or very few will, and each item i am emotional about; whereas i like the modern stuff more as a status thing or a gift from DH to designate a special occasion like birthday or anniversary. Also the prices of vintage jewelry can be high medium or low, not a fixed outrageous price, and you can bargain with the seller/dealer. There are vintage jewelry clubs online and many beautiful books on it. Not so much with say a modern tennis bracelet or a bangle bought at a store jewelry department. I should post pics............
  6. What are the vintage jewelry clubs online? I love vintage and would be interested. TIA.
  7. I love my jewelry that my mom or grandmas gave me far more than anything new. Every piece tells a story. I love to look at the windows of antique jewelry shops, too.
  8. I LOVE vintage! I have a gorgeous bracelet...let me see if I can find a photo.
  9. I absolutely love antique and vintage jewelry. I've done quite a bit of shopping on Ebay and auctions. I really don't wear anything but. I agree, there's so much history behind these pieces and you'll never ever find another person with the same piece. My collection grows larger every year (rings, crosses, bracelets, pendants).
  10. recently i bought a vintage leafnecklace at ebay, a real leaf dipped into gold. can´t stop looking at it.
    the good think about vintage is that the chances to meet someone with the same stuff is very unlikely to happen.