What do you think of Vince's leggings? Why so expensive?

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  1. I am looking for a pair of opaque legging which will not allow the skin to show through. I was looking at SAKS.com and found Vince had such good-looking leggings. But its retail costs $165 and it is on sale now for $65(plus $3.5 tax and $10 shipping, so total will be up to $80), which is much more expensive than other brands like Splendid, Three Dots, American Apparel, etc. I used to think leggings or tights as long socks. How much can socks cost? And my True Religion and Ksubi jeans are just around $80. My local nordtrom once had Splendid and Three Dots leggings on sale for only $30-$40.

    So do you think the price of Vince legging do the justice or just because it is vince? And does the legging really worth its price tag?

    I compared the materials of Vince legging with Three Dots' and did found the material is kind of different. Does anyone know how do such materials make a difference?

    Vince:Japanese viscose/nylon/polyurethane; dry clean
    Three Dots: 92% viscose / 8% spandex, hand wash.
  2. Ugh, the dry cleaning only on the vince ones is enough to put me off right there... but vince seems to use really superior materials, they just feel wonderful, even their plain cotton tanks and stuff. However, I like Splendid just as well and it's a fraction of the price. I guess it's just me - but leggings are leggings are leggings, especially if they're some solid plain color. I wouldn't spend that much on them.
  3. I find that Vince clothing is very good quality but IMO a little overpriced. If you are willing to spend that much, you can be sure that you will be getting a quality item. I guess it depends on how long you think you will be wearing the leggings for. I've had some cheap no name leggings that are prone to holes and have had to replace. So if you think you want to wear them for a long time it might be worth it to buy the Vince ones on sale even though they are more pricey. However for $165 I wouldn't even consider them!
  4. i totally agree with carmen82. i do think that vince clothing, while of great quality, are usually a little overpriced. i think that, however, every girl needs a pair of good quality leggings in her closet, and that you should invest in the vince pair, since they are marked down to $65. i recently bought two pairs of So Low leggings for $58 each and i'm really glad i did. they did not stretch out at all and the material just feels nice against your skin. so go for it!!
  5. I thing they're really overpriced!
  6. I think that's overpriced! I bought my leggings at Target for $6. Granted they won't last forever, they are a "trend" piece and you shouldn't put too much of an investment into them.
  7. great leggings, but I wouldn't invest that much
  8. I have two pairs of Vince leggings and they are not opaque at all. I bought them online so I didn't know until they arrived. For the most part, I have been happy with my Vince purchases and think the quality matches the price tag.
  9. I adore Vince, but that's just insane. WAY overpriced, and they definitely don't need to be dry cleaned. That's another waste of money right there. Anything by Vince can be hand washed. But also, Vince's leggings are no different that the majority of leggings out there.
  10. leggings right? Try that nordstrom brand, what is that? They sell great tights and stuff too. The above poster is right, for leggings which are really a fleeting trend, I wouldn't invest too much. (Save that for the shoes, which you will still want to wear next season...)
  11. I really like Vince, and the leggings IMO are great. I have a pair of double knit leggings from them, and love them. Worth the price tag IMO
  12. Thanks for posting the ebay link DamierAddict. I never would have thought to look on Ebay for leggings. I purchased a pair from stylemadehere for $30 and used a $18 coupon I had from Ebay! Such a great deal!
  13. After a LONG search--and a million different leggings, I settled on Splendid. I have 2 pairs of black splendid leggings (a long and short pair)--they cost me about $50 a pair but they are SO worth it. They are the SOFTEST things I have ever put on!! I say, buy Splendid!