What Do You Think of Versace?

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  1. Hello.
    Recently, more and more posts have popped up in other blogs demeaning Versace. This led me to question "what do TPF members think?" So is Versace too tacky for you? Or do you love it? Do you like the direction Donatella is taking the line in, or do you miss Gianni?
    Ciao! :smile:
  2. I think Versace has a style that someone either loves or hates. I actually think that some of their pieces (bags included) can work well on the right people and outfit. I have some Versace RTW and they are fabulously made and lovely to wear. Not everything is glitzy or loud, and sometimes a LOT of WOW is just what's needed. I love people who have their own style and work it, tpf, fashion blogs, magazines have their place but ultimately we need to find our own style.

    For me Versace is a fashion house and not a leatherwear manufacturer so I wouldn't probably go out my way to find and buy a bag. I would never say never though.
  3. I like the signature bag. It's an individual label. Carried by loads of celebs
  4. Lady Gaga is in the new ads for Versace bags, isn't she? She actually looks really cool in them, I think. So do the bags. I think it depends on your personality: if you wear something with confidence and own it, you could walk around with a gold lame wicker basket and make it look cool.
  5. Love them but they are much too heavy to carry
  6. yea, i agree , its heavy i think