What do you think of VERNIS HOUSTON?

  1. in Noisette? Do you think I'll have a hard time keeping it looking good? Can you wear it in winter? Does it get color transfer if it rubs up against clothes/jacket?
  2. I think you could do this bag year round.....I prefer vernis in smaller bags personally.....as for the color transfer, I've never had a problem with any of the small pieces I have and I've been asking this same question and no one has been able to back up this color transfer problem with a "real" experience......
  3. I have 3 vernis bags and have only had one instance of color transfer. I was moisturizing the handles of one of my bags and didn't wait long enough for it to dry. I went out to dinner with some friends and we ended up having to sit at a bar and my bag was on my lap under the table and some of the moisturizer made a few marks on the bag. That's the only problem I've had with color transfer (it was on lavender). It was really really faint, and for some reason, you can't even see it in my photo anymore.

    I love the Houston and want to get it one day! All of my vernis pieces are small and I would love a big bag.
  4. I love the Houston! It's one of my "down the road" bags that I hope to get a little later on, after I've filled out my collection with the basics first. I also think you could wear it year-round!
  5. I love the Houston! I have it in both Beige and Framboise and LOVE the style. It's a great shoulder bag and fits a lot. I tend to use my Framboise one more though since it's got a cell phone pocket and my beige one doesn't.
  6. I think the shape looks comfortable and it is a larger vernis bag, but I remember Caannie saying the shape was kind of annoying because of how it's wider at the bottom. This is something that you'd probably be best to try on in the store first !
  7. Same here!! I don't own any Vernis pieces yet so I don't know about the color transfer, but I think you could definatly wear it year round in that color.
  8. All I know is I want one! LOL!
  9. I think its awesome/hot in that color:smile: