what do you think of Vachette Grainee Ardenne?

  1. Is it a desirable leather? does it give a more or less formal look to the bag? if you have experience with it, do you find that it is durable? is this the type of leather that can be restored good as new? is it heavy or a lighter leather? I did look at the reference guide but wanted more opinions! thanks again!
  2. Hi Rockerchic (it's me again), try to do a search using the keywords "Ardennes" (correct spelling), "ardan" and "ardenne". Lots of info here about this leather!
  3. I have used my vachette ardennes gold birkin non stop as my one and only bag for almost 6 years before I bought another H bag, and I found it to be extreeeemely resistant to wear (here it is in the pics), even though quite heavy and not especially formal (as it's a pebbled leather anyway).

    I'm in love with that leather, and I am really unhappy that it has been discontinued. It's a pity also that all the vachettes ardennes that I find for sale are 40cm (which I already have).

    Here is mine anyway:
    birkin 40 vachette ardenne gold x tPF.jpg
  4. ^^Oh your bag is gorgeous!! thanks for the insights!
  5. ^^^you're welcome!

    Are you being just curious or have you been offered something? (I am being the curious one this time)
  6. I am trying to do my homework because I hope to buy a gently used Birkin for my first bag...My head is swimming with so many different size (30 or 35), styles (regular or perhaps HAC 32) and leathers (togo, clemence?, other durable leather)! Not to mention color of leather and hardware!!
  7. ^^^ Well, in that case good luck, and and I'm sure tPF will be here to help you if you need it!
  8. I love your birkin, Trama turgo!!
  9. I love the HAC (have a 28 black box). It's only a bit higher than a birkin. But: The handles are shorter, that's why a lot of people prefer the birkin! I've seen this auction too and thougt about bidding... :girlsigh: But I'm happy with my 28... Good luck...
  10. thanks Janns! I thought this might get lost in this thread so I started a new one on the bag specifically.
  11. Thanks tammyd!
  12. I love that specific leather and have heard that it is very durable.
  13. Absolutely gorgeous and classic; love the black with GH! I was told Ardennes is very durable but was also quite heavy. However in a 32cm HAC that might be more manageable than in a 35cm size.
  14. I have a 35cm vachette ardennes in natural. It is a textured shiny leather, very durable and a bit less weighty than togo IMO. Would highly recommend it for an everyday bag!