What do you think of unlined trench coats?

  1. I want to get a Burberry trench in the sales, but the one I have my eye on isn't lined (just the shoulders). Would this look strange, or sit in an odd way because it doesn't have a lining? Does anyone have an unlined coat - do they drape over you clothes or "catch" on them?
  2. I don't like unlined coats because I find them to be uncomfortable. A lining is very important for me. I don't like how it feels against my skin if I have on short or three quarter sleeves.
  3. I am a fan of lining. But I guess it also depends on the warmth factor you need. Where I live right now it isn't too important even though I do get cold at not "cold" temps.
  4. I prefer lined too
  5. Lining is a MUST--it makes the jacket much, much warmer. Unless you will be wearing the coat just for fashion or when it it is warm, you may want to find a version with a lining. Many of the Burberry coats have zip-out linings that way you can have it both ways!
  6. Thanks for your replies everyone: this is the coat I am considering:
    Only the shoulders and sleeves are lined, and it is definielty not a cold-weather piece. It looks nice on the model and my primary concern is whether it would snag rather than drape over my clothes.
  7. It depends upon the climate in which you live (or travel to) If it's a removable lining it makes the coat so much more versatile.
  8. I live in the snow belt, so it would be a spring/summer/fall rain-coat only. Even with a lining, (and I assume you mean an insulated lining,) it wouldn't be suitable for the winter here.

    My query is about standard silk/satin lining that coats/jackets usually have, not the warm lining that zips out.
  9. Perhaps I need to focus my cash on something more versatile in general though, not something that can't go all-seasons... hmmm
  10. FWIW, I used my Burberry (long one, with removable wool lining) winters in Michigan and New Jersey. I didn't hike a mile in it in 0 degrees, LOL, but I woreit for business (drove around to accounts), and to church, friends, etc. Didn't stay outside for hours in it; for that I had my full-length Primaloft insulated LL Bean (or some stor like that) coat
  11. I have a couple of trench coats that are only partially lined, as you describe, and I love them. The lack of lining is no problem/issue at all in how the coat hangs and wears. If you like the coat, go for it.
  12. that's a beautiful coat. If you aren't wearing it in winter and it looks good on you, I would get it. It is a classic style.