What Do You Think Of tori Amos's Album Cover ?

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  4. its okay. doesn't knock me out. have you heard it? any good?
  5. official american doll posse tracklist

    Yo George
    Big Wheel
    Bouncing off Clouds
    Teenage Hustling
    Digital Ghost
    You Can Bring Your Dog

    Mr. Bad Man
    Fat Slut
    Girl Disappearing
    Secret Spell
    Devils and Gods
    Body and Soul

    Father's Son
    Programmable Soda
    Code Red
    Roosterspur Bridge
    Beauty of Speed

    Almost Rosey
    Velvet Revolution
    Dark Side of the Sun
    Posse Bonus
    Smokey Joe
  6. I don't care for it... and the chicken I find disturbing, or just plain random. Is it supposed to be for voodoo or something?
  7. No. I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet.
  8. Interesting. There's really a lot of songs on this album.
  9. Not quite sure why the chickens there... I'm sure the chicken doesn't know either.
  10. i like it!
    i love her songs and i think she's brilliant!

    well, at least the chicken is better than the pig here LOL
  11. Very cool cover! I like the differnt personalities. Very doll like.
  12. I love tori and I love this artwork!

    I hope this will be good, someone mentioned it had a "strange little girls" sound to it, which is bad news. I hope its much better.
  13. :roflmfao: Poor chicken!
  14. huh? I don't like it...