what do you think of this?

  1. what do you think of this shoes? i saw them at Zappos.
    nine west.jpg
  2. the gold is a little too gold for me personally.
  3. hmmm i think the espadrille wedge takes away from the gold. They should've done cork or something.
  4. Are they Steve Madden? My friend has a pair of Steve Madden like that, but in brownish color (sorry, I don't know what the exact color is called). They are very cute but she said they're the most uncomfortable shoes she owns.
  5. hello tw1n8ngel, they are nine west.
  6. thanks for the comments ladies!
  7. what about this bronze color?
    nine west1.JPG
  8. i like the bronze alot better than the gold.
  9. The bronze ones are much cuter than the gold!
  10. ooooh yea, bronze is definitely better, very cute shoe in bronze.
  11. I like the bronze color better , i was going to get same shoe but the white
  12. bronze will be much more versatile!

    I've wanted some of these for a while, but now where I am its winter =(

    so boohooo
  13. The bronze color is pretty :love:
  14. I like the bronze better...but, some styles of these shoes remind me of old lady shoes.
  15. thanks for the replies ladies!