What do you think of this.......?

  1. I have not seen this one before. How old is it? I really like the style!! :yes:

    deniumcoach.JPG dc2.JPG dc3.JPG
  2. Hummmmmmm Let me try those thumbnails again.

    deniumcoach.JPG dc2.JPG dc3.JPG
  3. WTF..........................:s why won't the other two enlarge? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I guess I need add them on separate posts.
  4. Alright I give up!! I can't get the other two to be clickable for enlarging! :thinking:
  5. Hmm never seen that before :shrugs:
  6. Well I just bought it:yes: It was bought in Atlantic City in May of 2006. I just love it!! I can't wait to get it! Eck :yahoo:
  7. yay! Congrats!!! :tup:
  8. Thanks Fields!! :smile:
  9. Not my style because it's a bit too plain for me, but I can definitely see it with a variety of outfits! Congrats!
  10. VERY pretty! I love how the handles and trim are so rich, and you won't see that style every day! Congrats on your new addition!
  11. This bag came out fall of 2003. My best friend has the soho hobo. Congrats on your bag, she loves hers.