What do you think of this?

  1. I love that gold! the outlets get wallets--in fact, that's where I got my wallet!
  2. I've bought wallets at the outlets too...it was around $98.00.
  3. Love them both, and yes they get wallets. Thats where I got my wallet as well, but the selection at mine was limited and it was nearly as expensive as ordering off the website :[
  4. Oh-I love their wallets! Just don't want to spend that much right now-someone go to an otulet so I can live vicariously through them-LOL!
  5. I loved those buckled skinnies when i saw them in person at the Coach store a couple months back, even though I didn't see this particular pattern. I didn't have anything to use them for, though, so I didn't pick one up. I'm going to the store today (my cell phone pouch needs to be repaired, and I've only had it 2 weeks! :mad:), I'll see if they have this one in stock, looks very cute from the picture. That's a great wallet, if you can get it an outlet it'll be a total steal!
  6. Some outlets definately carry the signature line and have wallets...I was on vacation and stopped by one in delaware and they had so many of the signature line in regular colors both bags and wallets(that's where I bought a new wallet)....in ny though i haven't been to a coach outlet that had the signature line.
  7. I like both.