What do you think of this ?

  1. Just browsing on eBay and came across this bag , what do you think ?


    I was thinking that although its geniune Mulberry , maybe as its a sample bag and nobody else will of seen it , because there is not another one like it that maybe people will just think its a really bad fake ?

    How do you get to buy sample bags ??
  2. You know,those curtains look familiar,I'm sure this seller had the babington that Jo found me a piccie of for me.I had never heard of the babington before,but it really does exist!! Try ringing an outlet with the name of it and I suppose if they know what it is that half you battle,and how long ago it came out etc,and if you score a keen deal on it its worth it for a nice leather bag!!xxxxxxxxx
  3. No this bag is a total one off sample bag.

    So nobody else would have it, so what i am saying is do you think other people would just think that it is a fake ??
  4. Oh,sorry,what a twit. Hell yeh!! Geddit,a one off,who gives a rats a*s if people think its a fake!!! You can say with complete honesty its a one off!!! :tup: I like it too,good color!!!!
  5. Would match your barbour and green wellies beautifully!!!
  6. Yeh all I need is the bloody horse !!
  7. Would make a fantastic nose bag,just the right shape!! Harharhar!!:roflmfao:
  8. u ladies crack me up.....

    as for the bag, I think it's kinda cool to carry a one-of-a-kind......if you like it, go for it. for the most part, I think the "general public" are clue-less about bags and those that are in the "know" will know quality when they see it.
    Wear it well, babe :yes:

    here in the US...one usually buys a sample bag at a sample sale: maufacturers get back "sample bags" that they have distributed to "media folks" and others to promote their bags AND "sample bags" could also be styles that were made in limited quantities as "test bags" - to see if they would tweek/continue production, etc. So, you may want to ask the seller how they came upon this bag.
    Do they do sample sales in the UK?
  9. Sholm22 is listed on the eBay thread as selling genuine items. I think the bag is adorable!!! You can't beat the price either!! I might just have to watch that item for my lovely daughter!! BTW does anyone have a Joel messenger bag???
  10. Go for it. Color is very nice.
  11. love that green.
  12. Sorry but I'm tagging along this thread to ask for your opinion on this particular Bayswater. Apologise if the pic is kinda small but I think most Mulberry fans here can instantly recognise which one. It's multicolored!!! Whaddaythink of it??? Follow this link:
  13. Tara that bag is great. I love the colour and find it great thats it a unique bag.

    Slip I have never seen anything as unusual as that bag...but unusual great....I would buy it immediately

    P.S. Wish I could sleep!! This insomnia is terrible.
  14. Yup, I'm kinda attracted by the various colours present in this tooled Bayswater. Very unique piece, unusual of Mulberry to come up with something like that. I've never seen IRL nor in eBay. Hmmm anyone out here who have seen this? And when was this made and where can I still get it??

  15. i saw one on e-bay once. No idea if it was genuine though. Not to my taste!