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  1. What do you guys think about this Citta Caramella? I have already had it authenticated, but I need opinions on whether I should purchase it, or if I should just hold out and wait until I can find a Citta Ciao. I would probably get more use out of this Caramella, because I can store things and take it in my Pirata Bambione, or (hopefully) the Foresta Ciao Ciao I am currently winning on ebay! Thoughts?

  2. I like it! I'm not a big fan of the "women" in citta... but I love Cloudia and "Kano-kun" (brown cactus boy) and the blimp!!
  3. I like it too! I think the little monkey climbing the "Empire State Building" is adorable.
  4. I'd have a hard time paying that much for a Caramella! I bought mine (also a Citta) on eBay for $29 a couple months ago. You CAN find deals if you are willing to wait it out....
  5. WOW! Awesome deal!
  6. Yeah it was and I didn't even realize how lucky I was at the time!! AND it has my perfect print placement with both Bastardino and Polpettina on it.
  7. if u like it enough that ur going to regret NOT buying it...then GO for it! otherwise... u may wait it out? i hate regretting things later! :-P