What do you think of this Zac Posen Satchel?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. It's ok. Not my favorite style. He has some fabulous bags but this one is just ok in my opinion.
  3. I agree, it doesn't really grab me. Maybe it looks different in person?
  4. Its different, quite nice.But as the others said there isnt really a wow factor.
  5. I am not too crazy about this style...
  6. I think he has better styles! It's just an ok bag to me! The color is divine!
  7. I adore the color and long shoulder straps, but I agree, it needs a little more oomph
  8. I think it's quite cute!
  9. It's cute!
  10. Not so much...
  11. Not a huge fan of the shape, but I love the color!

    Half of his bags are amazing, and the other half are just "meh" to me.
  12. I do not like it, it looks bizarre.
  13. I Love It So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting For It To Go On Sale
  14. ITA.
  15. Meh. Nice colour, though.