what do you think of this wallet?? rock & roll?

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  1. just got this a few mins ago...what do you think?? :smile:
    bal wallet 001.jpg bal wallet 003.jpg
  2. I like it! It has the same look as some of the new totes with all the metal.
  3. ^^ ITA -very rock and roll :wlae:
  4. .... but have you got the clothes to set it off? If not, set off shopping now!
  5. Wow! A new design!!! How much was it? What is it called?
  6. Very ROckish.. very cool. :supacool:
  7. i love it tons!!
  8. $545
    dont know name. its actually a clutch.wallet in one. I didnt even know it was a wallet just from looking at its size...I thought it was a clutch. hehe
  9. Wow...nice:supacool:
  10. Oh no - the 'punk purse' - I have been thinking back to this for some time. It is absolutely your fault that I have just ordered one from Harvey Nics Edinburgh!!!

    I am worried, that if any are left in the sales later on, that it will lead on to purchase of the matching studded bag.
  11. Oh No Jenova, what a naughty girl!!! There you can tell him theres no need for a lecture as you have been given one by a kind pfer! ;) I love it!!! I saw Kymaras spy pics and loved it a lot!!!!
    Whats this punk bag all about.......:graucho:
  12. Very cool, congrats!
    Where did you find that?
  13. lol i saw the matching bag in HN this weekend, i didn't dare take more spy pics because boyfriend was there too. Bless him he'd already endured holding my handbag while I picked out styles I'd never carried to see how they looked, and poked at the bags hanging up. He'd be mortified if I behaved any worse ;)

    Your clutch has been under a plastic display unit thingy you'll be happy to know - only the SA and you will have ever touched it!

    As for the bag do you want a description or is that just toooo dangerous?