What do you think of this wallet? Anyone seen it IRL?

  1. I'm really into this wallet but I'd like to actually SEE it before I go and buy it. Anyone know which stores are carrying it?


    And does anyone know how much it is in the US?

    Also - opinions?

  2. Very nice. Not seen one IRL though, but i bet its just as stunning.
  3. HOW CUTE IS THAT !!!! Haven't seen it either - but looks adorable
  4. Very cute, haven't seen it before either, would like to see it IRL, bet it's stunning. Is this a metallic, and where did you find it??
  5. it's on www.diabro.net. I love it too, but I"m a little hesitant buying it if I can't see it first, and I don't know how much it goes for in the US.
  6. It looks really cool, but I know ppl have had issues with the silver rubbing off on some of the bags, so just keep that in mind.