What do you think of this vintage Chanel?

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  1. So far I only have a vintage black caviar square mini with GWH (and also a red lambskin extra mini with RHW which I'm selling). I feel guilty buying similar bags, but I usually fall in love with a bag and want it in both silver and gold hardware, which is what's currently happening with the jumbo. I tried black jumbos in both silver and gold and just fell in love with them both. I can't justify both though. So what do you think about a lambskin mademoiselle flap with GHW, a black caviar jumbo with SHW, my black caviar square mini GHW, black lambskin old medium boy with RHW, and possibly something small in red?

    I feel that the mademoiselle in GHW will serve a similar purpose to a jumbo. I view GHW as dressier and more elegant and think it goes well with the mademoiselle flap

    If I do get the mademoiselle do you recommend caviar or lambskin?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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  2. Well, I just purchased this same bag in lambskin and I love the size and that it can be worn crossbody. Some may not care for the vertical quilting since the other was more popular but I liked the uniqueness of the bag. Not having the second flap inside makes it alot lighter too. It also doesn't feel that dressy to me.

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  3. congrats! it looks lovely :smile:. I like that it's something different from a classic quilted flap, yet still classic in its own right.

  4. Gorgeous bag. Get it if you can
  5. Lovely !
  6. I think the bag in your photo is stunning. I feel that it would be gorgeous in either skin. Not helping much I realize.
  7. Love it! Vintage caviar is more rare than lambskin so that may factor into your decision.
  8. As much as I adore lambskin - I find I feel more comfortable with caviar.
  9. I love my vintage lambskin. It is so soft. Gorgeous bag.
  10. Love it! I adore vintage Chanel :smile: I would go with caviar.
  11. It's gorgeous- the caviar in your pic looks beautiful!
  12. How about this one in lambskin?

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  13. I know with mine the structure is good. Lamb tends to be more delicate but I love the patina it develops. I would keep my eye out for one and whichever turns up at a good price etc, it might make your decision. For a bag that is over 20 years old it looks darn good. I know that lambskin can be refinished if done correctly, it won't be hard. I'm not sure how that works with caviar, and it's hard to find a bag that has been stored properly away from the light with no browning etc.

    There were just a few that sold on FP for alot more than I got mine for, and they didn't look as nice. Be careful too with descriptions, I see some that say jumbo x lg when they are really just jumbos.
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