What do you think of this Via Spiga bag?

  1. Here's a pretty nice bag that also comes in black or tan. For $210 you can't go wrong, huh? What do you guys think?
  2. It looks pretty cute in the pic. How big is it?
  3. Ooh, I like it!
  4. It is very cute - kind of makes me think what would occur if the Twiggy and Silverado got morphed together.
  5. I went back to the Via Spiga website to find out how big it is for you but it did not give dimensions.:sad2:
  6. lol ... :P
  7. Very handsome bag! and to think, it won't break your bank!!
  8. I like it lots! Maybe I should feature them for Viewer's Choice Monday. What do you all think?
  9. Yes! Especially if you can find out the dimensions.
  10. I really like that. I was at Via Spiga today browsing and didn't see that bag.
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