What do you think of this tote?

  1. And which color do you prefer - white or pink?? :confused1:

  2. Pink....I don't do white handbags, I don't wear enough white clothing and I'm always afraid I will get them dirty.
  3. I think both are pretty .
  4. the white is nice but it looks like it would get dirty real fast so pink i guess
  5. pink....just because of the dirt factor.
  6. as much as i LOVE pink, i would say white for this one.
  7. I really like the style, but I'm just hesitant of the pink cuz it's a medium/large size bag and that's alot of pink!

    Usually I go for a smaller piece with a bright color, but the only smaller bag it's offered in is too small to me - the demi with the clip...
  8. yeah, it's a lot of pink! accents are cute in such a bold color (that is usually harder to go with outfits)...i mean, if it were red, i would say go for it!
  9. Hmmmm, what about this color instead? Any thoughts?

  10. ^ LOVE that!
  11. I think the tan color would go with the most, so you'd be able to wear it more. That said, I really love the pink. I just bought a very similar bag in red and plan to wear it with a lot of black and white stuff as an accent color.
  12. I love the tan!
  13. I like the white better but I'm afraid to own any more white bags than what I already have. The bumblebee white hobo was the last one in white I got.
  14. I like the tan the best. White would get too dirty too fast & the pink ummm...I'm not sure about the color. The pink would look cute in something smaller it's just too loud.
  15. Tan