What do you think of this tote?

  1. I need a new work tote and really like Coach. I'm also going to check out the Leesburg outlet store for sale leather totes before buying anything. But this one caught my eye...sorry for the link (I couldn't get the picture to post). If you have it or have seen it in real life, please let me know how it holds up! :smile:

  2. i like it but i think it is really big
  3. Yum, I love it. I don't own it but I am also seeking a good work tote. I'm a little concerned of the duribility of the fabric corners and bottom. I am a teacher so it would be on the floor of my classroom all the time:tdown: so I have been leaning more toward leather, Ergo maybe. Good luck on your search!
  4. I really like big bags. I'll need to carry my laptop plus a bunch of other stuff. :smile:
  5. Thanks, you too! I agree that the fabric corners/bottom could be an issue. I hope to find SOMETHING at the outlets this weekend!!!!
  6. I just bought that tote and it is beautiful! I use it for work/school and holds up just fine. I think you'll be okay just as long as you don't carry 10 lb books :smile:
  7. I have this tote in the denim and I love it. It is larger, but I like it that way!
  8. Thank you Taralindsey and missjennieb! :smile: Does it fit comfortably over the shoulder? Do you happen to know what the strap drop is? I'm not, um, a skinny girl. hehe.
  9. This tote is really cute and really big. But I wonder how the straps will hold up? They don't seem like they could handle much weight. This tote would make a great diaper bag. Sorry it's the mom in me lol!
  10. I love it! My only concern would be staining on the sig stripe. I have a smaller sig stripe tote in chocolate and im so scared of staining the stripe b/c it looks very vulnerable!
  11. I think it's adorable! I love it, and for me, a bag can really never be too big.:p
  12. That is an adorable bag - but I just returned my Choc/Bronze tote this weekend!

    I have the Sig Stripe Large Denim Tote and it has a different structure to it. There is a bit of extra leather around the tip of the handles and it makes for a more durable (in my opinion) and comfortable bag. The Multifunction bag has these same handles, but is a bit larger than the large tote. With the denim - the legacy stripe lining was also a plus!

    I teach also and carry large files, books, at times a small laptop, and other materials (dry erase markers, a "clicker" for presentations (what are those called anyway - wireless presenter thingies?) and don't find that it has shown any wear and/or dirt and I definitely throw that bag around !
  13. hey tara can you take a pic of you with it on???
  14. I have the smaller version of that tote and it's amazing! I think the signature fabric is quite durable...i've loaded mine up pretty full and even *gasp* set it on some (CLEAN!) ground and it still looks brand new.

    The best part about the Sig Stripe Totes is that the more you use them, they start to get softer and not as stiff and they look so amazing when they're really smooshy. My boyfriend's mom has one that's...wow maybe almost 3 or 4 years old and it's SOOOO squishy looking!
  15. I *love* it and have been eyeing it since it first appeared on the Coach site. I can't have a bag that is too big. Ever. I love them! I think it's gorgeous and would go with quite a bit. The contrasting colors are really nice. Just beautiful! :nuts: