What do you think of this top?

  1. So, I bought this top in Paris like 2 months ago... I liked it so much, I didn't even try it on and when I came back home I realized that the body is super sheer (as in see-through). The collar is made of a stiff material which makes it stay in shape and the color is yellowish-beige; the cut is very mod/60's, i.e. like a tent, though because of the lightness of the material, it's somehow fitted.

    What do you girls think? would you bin it? or would you keep it? If so, what would you wear under it?

    Please be honest. I am living in London which is a very fashion forward city but I am not sure if people are ready for this top. I am scared they might think I'm an extra from the new Star Trek movie.


  2. I like it :p
    I am vizualising it as follow:
    1. Wear it with cute shorts with flats or pretty sandals
    2. Or team it with skinny jeans with again flats or boots (tucked in)
  3. If the yellowish beige color looks good on you, put a black tank or cami under it and wear it with gray jeans. Yellow and gray is the hot n' trendy new color combo, but not everybody looks good with either yellow or gray next to the face.

    So if the color of the top does NOT look good on you, your best bet is to choose a cami in a color that does, put it underneath, and push the top to fall off one shoulder, and THEN add the gray jeans!
  4. I don't think this is star track at all, lol.
    I really love it. It will be great with simple jeans, shorts and flats. Maybe with a simple light, loose-fitted cardigan above?
    BTW: Is this top from zara?
  5. thanks everybody for your comments, I think I'll keep it now!

    aki_sato - loving the idea of shorts. tried it on with a denim mini and sandals and it looks very cute!

    Shimma - the idea sounds very good. I hadn't thought of the whole gray jeans trend. In fact I hadn't even considered the fact I could wear a tee underneath. I dress in suits on a daily basis so I'm at a loss when it comes to dressing my age... I think I might add a blazer on top, too.

    Pinkgoldfish - oh la la zara!! it's from galeries lafayette :idea: eta - i tried the cardigan idea, too. i put a belt around my waist and it's actually really cool. thanks!
  6. i would SOOOO buy it from you:yes:
  7. That's great! I wish I had thought to say that! ;)
  8. :roflmfao:

    Fantastic find! If you have the attitude to pull it off, I think it's a great, very unique top. Definitely keep it lean and very simple. Throw a cami on underneath and you're good to go!
  9. Nice find!

    As everyone said, wear it with confidence, strut your stuff and every girl would like to own a top like that :smile:
  10. i think it's super cute!
  11. keep it!! Its pretty
  12. I agree that it's a beautiful top! Please post modeling pics!
  13. I agree that it looks a little Star Trek-y. If it was a dark color, I think it would be doable, but the weird collar combined with the fact that it's see-through make me not like it. Sorry...
  14. I think it's nice. I'd pair it with a strapless/very thin strap creme silk mini dress of some sort worn underneath, something where the straps would be covered and the bottom would extend to about mid-thigh or a bit lower, and some lucite bracelets to go along with the mod feel, and creme patent leather mid to high heeled sandals. I'd say that this looks like it's best worn in the summer, but if you really want to wear it in autumn, I'd say pair it with gray jeans and wear it under a brown leather jacket with pointed flats.

    Hope this helped!