what do you think of this tod's?

  1. I really wanted drak brown but they only have this hazelnut type of color. I'm blond with blue eyes and i have quite light skin. What do you think?
  2. I really love that bag. I think it would look very nice on you.
  3. wow, that's a pretty looking bag.... love the color n the size...
  4. Love it!
  5. Very nice!
  6. it's a beautiful bag!!!
  7. I love Tod's. So classy.
  8. Is that the D-bag Media?
  9. jup, i'm thinking about getting the small or the lv bh
  10. It's a great classic Tod's. If you aren't married to the Tod's bag, there is a similar style from Banana Republic right now in the dark brown:

  11. i hate living in Holland, can't get it here. But if i am patient i can get it in the winter because the collor comes back
  12. I love the Tod's D Media bag. The leather is fantastic and it is so comfortable to carry. I was really torn about getting one, and ended up with a balenciaga instead. But I still think about that Tods bag all the time! Will have to get one eventually!
  13. I WANT that bag!
  14. The color is great. It should be beautiful with your coloring - better than a darker brown IMO.
  15. That is a great color for you! Another nice thing about that color is it can be used in all four seasons. A darker bag would be limited to fall/winter.
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