What do you think of this tiffany ring?

  1. I have kind of long fingers, but what would you think of this ring for me?

  2. OMG. OMG. I love it. I swear I am like a dog - I get completely distracted by shiny objects. I love how subtle it is... the flower is just part of the metal, kind of melting into it.

    I think I am in the wrong forum.. I need to be in a diamonds forum.
  3. I like it alot!:yes:
  4. I really love it. Very pretty and elegant.
  5. My first impressions: Sooo pretty :drool: :smile:
  6. that is really pretty! what is the name of this design?
  7. i loooooove this ring. if i didn't have this weird thing about only wearing one ring at a time, it would totally be living on my hand. go get it so i can live vicariously! (oh yeah, and because you want it to ;) )

    it's from the nature collection...i think it's called the rose ring. it's even prettier in person. really subtle and elegant. just gorgeous. :yes:
  8. gorgeous...I love it
  9. So pretty...:love: I don't think I've ever seen a Tiffany ring that I did not like.:rolleyes: :lol:
  10. Pretty...that was one of the tiffany rings I was thinking about ordering. My bf got me this one instead.....
  11. I just saw that ring in a catalog I received from Tiffany's and thought it was very pretty.
  12. Very pretty!
  13. That's very pretty!
  14. nice
  15. very pretty!