What do you think of this swing pack?

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  1. Hi, what are your opinions of the new swing pack?
  2. That strap looks black. If it is, I'm not a fan of the black with the brown.
  3. No the strap is brown, the same colour as the stripe.
  4. How much stuff can the swing pack hold? :huh:
  5. I haven't tried it yet, but I think maybe a small camera, wallet, keys and phone.
  6. they look like they can hold quit a lot, but, I just don't like how long they are...I would assume you could adjust the strap though...idk, they're just not me lol...they look cute on others though :smile:
  7. You can adjust the strap. You can wear it across your body, under your shoulder, or around your waist
  8. I prefer the swing packs with the stripe that runs vertically. But I do like the super large sig print !
  9. if it was reversible i would have gotten it, and then tie something around the C strip elol.
  10. I love the swing packs! I would go for it. It looks a lot better once you monogram it.
  11. I have the Graphic Signature swingpack, which is 7in x 8.5in so a little smaller than the Signature Stripe (7.5in x 8.5in) but I'll attach some pics to give you an idea. It actually holds more than I thought it would.

    The first pic shows the most stuff that I cram in there. Sometimes I leave out the card holder (the wallet with the flower on it) and put in my camera instead. The wallet on the left is a mini-skinny so that'll give an idea of scale.

    swingpack with stuff.jpg

    swingpack full inside.jpg

    swingpack full outside.jpg
  12. my mom just bought the sig. blakcone , and shs fits quite a bit. a check book, glasses, keys,wallet, lipgloss, cell phone, reciepts, alot of other junk
  13. since the strap doesn't match the bag it looks a little odd.
  14. It's ok, maybe a different color would be better because of the strap.
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