What do you think of this strategy? Wrong? ok?

  1. Hi guys

    I have a handbag collection as follows:

    1 Coach vintage bowler
    2 Coach hobos
    1 Charles David
    2 Uggs
    2 Dooneys
    1 BCBG Girl small satchel
    1 Lucky Brand large Chevron hobo
    1 Marc Jacobs wham leather satchel (on its way from NM now)

    2 bags by Lush Fashions that are copies of

    Fendi spy bag
    chloe silverado

    and guys.......the two Lush bags are my faves! Waaay better leather than the Lucky brand, easily good construction as the Coaches...

    My dilemma is that I have been wanting the Chloe Paddington in Cream for ever and it is so $$ out of reach right now. yet I know that Lush Fashions has it (as well as knock off Kooba I adore) for $139.

    IS IT ILLEGAL when the company does NOT misrepresent the bag, but says right on bag interior label "Lush Fashions" and dust bag says "www.shoplush.com" and there is no insignia anywhere that says anything to indicate "chlose" or "kooba".

    The quality is yummy", soft etc.

    I'm thinking I could enjoy the bags until such time as I can afford the orig. Paddy.

    What do you think of illegality or not?
  2. The bags that do not claim to be "XXXX" designer, whoever that may be, are refered to as "inspired by", hence, not knock offs which claim that their bag is "XXXX" designer. I don't see anything wrong with an inspired by bag. Enjoy!
  3. okay I will go first. Is has been my experience (just from reading fake threads) that the women on this forum feel pretty strongly about not supporting fakes but...........
    it seems to me that it is not a fake (which is bag not made by that label trying to pass itself off as one) but instead a bag made by a lush which is inspired by chloe or kooba. which is okay to me because at least lush isnt trying to pass it off as the real thing. I say go for it.
  4. Thanks BOTH of you guys!!!!!!

    It's funny but the I enjoy the FEEL of my Lush bags even better than the feel of my other leather bags. I think they DO got out of their way to make a superior products.

    although I may change my mind once my JM arrives and I get to smell and feel and wear THAT piece of ART!

    thanks again, you guys are nice on this blog...
  5. i am against fakes for the obvious reasons of whom and what they support.
    I am against inspireds and copies for reasons that include ripping off an artist and not giving credit where credit is due. It not their work or theirs to be selling.

    my opinions out of the way, NO, i do not think it is illegal to buy sell or carry a bag that only LOOKS liek another bag. as long as there is no insignia or they are not trying to pass of the inspired bag as the real thing. I don';t think you have any legalities to worry about.

    enjoy your collecting.
  6. A fake is only when the replica bag claims to be the real thing, by saying Chloe on the tag or having a Gucci monogram. This is illegal.

    A knock off is when the bag looks just like a Chloe or Gucci but does not claim to be the real thing. Like Lush bags, which do not have any designer names on them. This is not illegal, but still frowned upon by some people.
  7. thanks for the link cosmo. it is a fire breathing subject. you have to do what you think is right for your, as long as you are obeying the law, and not seek out others for support in your decision. you have to be happy in it. this is your obsession, who cares what anyone else thinks?

    ps-azyusish seems happy and confortable and within her legal boundaries here, so heck, why not? it works for your and makes you happy.
  8. Nothing personal, but in my own opinion, I feel like continued discussion of this topic only serves as a vehicle to provide free advertising to that web site that is mentioned above. There have been problems in the past on tPF with posters trying to get in free plugs for that web site.