What do you think of this spy?

  1. I'm kinda in half minds about this - keep on going back to the shop and looking and one day I love it, next day I don't. I want to put myself out of my mysery so what do you all think?
  2. I'm probably the only spylover that doesn't love the wisteria but I just got a white spy that I absolutely love so I would say, go for that one :yes:
  3. Icechick

    What don't you like about the Wisteria?
  4. I posted a thread about this bag not too long ago. It is by far the prettiest Spy IMO. However, I actually bought a chocolate brown Spy because I live in the northeast and thought it was more practical for me. If you live in a warm weather climate you MUST get it! It's absolutely gorgeous!
  5. The "leaves" bug me for some reason, I have no idea why, lol
  6. Kat

    I live in Scotland so we are lucky to see sunshine 2 days of the year!!!! I bought the Chocolate spy a couple of weeks ago and love it and want another one and I thought the white was a complete contrast as I think the brown is too dark for (well not exactly summer months) but the lighter days in Scotland!

    Mmmmm undecided...
  7. I live in Iceland and it's never sunny here, lol, but that won't stop me from carrying my white one all through winter!
  8. i don't like the wisteria either. it's alittle bit too much stuff on it. i prefer the regular spy.
  9. I think it is gorgeous! The flowers give it an extra oomph :graucho:
  10. I really like it.
    What does the leather look like in the white, is it quite shiny, or is it more a matt colour.

    uh oh, I think I can hear your credit card sizzling again ;)
  11. It's just the perfect amount of shine I think
    Picture 011.jpg
  12. oh Ice Chick - I'm drooling! Makes me want it even more. I called the store and there is one left so they have put it aside for me (not normal in the sale but I reckon I keep a few SA's in a job each year in there - this is not something I am proud off!!!) So who knows this time tomorrow I will have a sister for my Chocco!

    Chloe Babe - credit card sizzling? It's more like a liquid meltdown!
  13. Go get it, you won't regret it, it's such a perfect bag. Mine has been sitting on the sofa since I got it, that is when I'm not using it, so I can admire it every time I walk by, lol :shame:
  14. I think it's a beauty.....I would be staring it down if you walked pass me on the street with it!!
  15. I love it...but I think the standard spy looks better!
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