what do you think of this spy bag?

  1. Its happening. Since I saw LV Addicts wisteria, I'm starting to like these darn bags.
    Do you guys like this one? Its sorta growing on me.

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  2. anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?
  3. It is okay, but not my favorite.
  4. Heehee, the spy is my no. 1 fav bag (this week anyhow). I am not a huge fan of that one myself, however all that matters is that you love it. I love the honey colour. The metallic is gorgeous as well.
  5. Thanks! I really do appreciate and need the feedback guys as I am new to even liking these bags. I do like it, but shallowly, don't want "officianados" to say "yuk!" to themselves if they see me wearing it. KWIM? (I can be shallow here remember?:lol: )
  6. I prefer all-leather Spy.
  7. I really like the Zucca Spy.

    I ordered one last week I just picked up my box from UPS tonight. i havent opened it yet b-cuz I told myself I have to clean my house first ;)

    But its a nice bag. I personally like the leather/logo combo

    Go with what you like. Don't worry about what others think.

    I can't stand the look of balenciaga bags but they sell like hotcakes. Does it means their bags are ugly?

    Its just means everyone has thier own taste.

    Good luck finding your spy. :biggrin:
  8. I would love to see a photo when you break it out!

  9. Oh I will definitly take pics. I have a thread about the Zucca spy that I will post it on.

    And I have to tell you too that this bag looks 400% better in person.
    I didnt like it as much until I saw it in the boutique.

    If you have a store that sells Fendi near you, you MUST go try it on.
    You will like it so much more.

    (Also it is a bit more casual than the all leather bags, which is great if that's the look you want)
  10. Bagnshoofetish, I think you can't go wrong choosing a spy bag. I lovd the one I saw with the Zucca print. The handles were beautiful and if you want a lighter look for summer, it's great!:love: I still prefer the hologram or textured all leather ones though .If I had the choice for summer,first the honeywisteria, then the hologram spy,then honey reg. spy.
  11. I prefer the all-leather spy bags
  12. It's nice but I would go with everybody else and say all leather would be my fave.
  13. I love the all leather Spy ~~ Honey, Cognac, or even the Chocolate Brown. I've seen the Zucca in person and still am not a huge fan of it, but I don't care for the Fendi print in general.
  14. I don't like the Zucca Spy...so another vote for all leather.
  15. I've read a thread from a forum member, can't remember who it was, that it is way beautiful IRL. I kinda like myself!