What do you think of this soft & chain flap??

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  1. I saw this at NM yesterday and really thought it was a beautiful color. I'm not sure if I would get as much use out of this bag.....Just wondered if anyone here owns this bag and how they like it. Sorry, this pic is so small!

  2. Love the color but not practical for me personally.
  3. I was very close to getting this bag in black. It's stunning... but I really don't need another flap, so I bought something else. That colour is gorgeous... but maybe a bit hard to wear?
  4. love it and the flavor. . . but the drop looks a little too snug for me.
  5. I've seen it IRL and if it were about half the size it is, I'd be running to get it. I've been wanting a bright blue bags for years.
  6. Thanks for your opinions! I actually liked the size, but it is definately not really a shoulder bag. I did see someone with this same bag at the mall and I have to say it was stunning! hmmmm...decisions, decisions. Hopefully it will be sold by the time I go to NM next week!:P
  7. agree with swanky but it is a beautiful bag -love the chain.
  8. That color is tdf!
  9. beautiful color.
  10. the colour is TDF, i really love it!