What do you think of this size eternity band?

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  2. I love the look of a big honking diamond like yours with a really thin eternity band, like the 2mm you are also getting. And I would take the 3 or 5 tcw and wear it on the right hand!
  3. I think the 3ct looks great!
  4. I like the 3 carat.
  5. 3 looks great, I think 5 might over power your gorgeous ering
  6. ^ I agree. What a beautiful set.
  7. I like the 3 ct. I think the 5 might be uncomfortable.
  8. Thank you all so much! I was only able to try on a 3 carat t.w. and I think you all may be right. At least I have the option of wearing it with my ering if I wanted to. (Although it will mainly be worn on the right hand.) Diamond dazed I think you are right, the 5 carat t.w. may be uncomfortable. As well as too much. Did I say something was too much bling?! I must be coming down with something lol.
  9. I would go for 3 ct.
  10. Is it possible for me to vote for neither of them? I feel like the eternity band seriously competes with your GORGEOUS engagement ring. I would go for something significantly less impactful if you were to pair it with the engagement ring.
  11. I love the 3 ct!!
  12. I think the 3 looks really nice on your finger. I can't imagine the 5! I tried on a 3 and it was soo uncomfortable.
    I think it is a great size where you can still wear it with your e ring too and not right hand it like a larger band.
  13. The pictures you attached are amazing, you have slender hands and I don't see the need for a bigger carat size. 3tcw is beautiful :smile:
  14. I would get the smallest one possible. That e-ring needs the spotlight.
  15. I love the look of the 3 carat; it seems to fit you perfectly. I think you have the right idea in wearing it on your right hand...that gorgeous band is so blingy, it would detract from your stunning e-ring if you wore them on the same hand/finger.